What Is a Thai Head Therapeutic massage?


A Thai Head Therapeutic massage is a therapeutic massage of the pinnacle, neck and higher physique. It is going to assist to launch all the strain and toxins which have collected within the muscular tissues, tissues, joints of the pinnacle, shoulders, neck and face. The therapist makes use of quite a lot of completely different actions together with deep kneading and compression methods over the pinnacle, neck and shoulder blades areas. It additionally includes therapeutic massage work on the power traces and stimulating the strain factors which are situated across the head. The therapeutic massage is accomplished with a soothing shoulder, neck and higher again therapeutic massage to interrupt down any remaining stress or stress and launch toxins.

Thai Head Therapeutic massage is an ideal stress-busting therapy for anyone affected by stress headache, aching shoulders, eye pressure, a stiff neck, insomnia, poor focus or issue sleeping. It’s a fully secure and easy but efficient type of therapeutic massage remedy famend for its stress relieving qualities. The therapy could be given absolutely clothed and and not using a therapy desk additionally. It’s each versatile and non-invasive so excellent for all of the household, even pregnant mums and the aged.

Together with the standard Thai therapeutic massage methods used the Thai Head Therapeutic massage borrows many methods from the traditional Indian head therapeutic massage. Along with our bodily anatomy there may be one other usually unseen “refined” anatomy, the Chakra. The power vortex or “Chakra” as it is usually often known as corresponds to the completely different glands that relate to particular elements of the bodily physique and in addition to areas of non secular and psychological improvement. Stimulating these power centres and pathways to carry out at their optimum effectivity present a extremely efficient approach to forestall ailing well being and promote a better sense a properly being. The balancing of this “Chakra” is important to sustaining our well being and vitality.

What are the advantages of a Thai Head Therapeutic massage?

  • Antidote to nervousness, stress and psychological stress
  • Clears the thoughts and revitalises psychological capability
  • Normal “balancing”, giving a way of calm and peace
  • Works on balancing the Chakras
  • Calming the respiratory system
  • Improves circulation of blood to the pinnacle and neck
  • Enhances nourishment to the muscular tissues which helps promote hair development
  • Bettering alertness productiveness and focus
  • Improves lymphatic drainage from the pinnacle and neck
  • Improves muscle tone and head and neck mobility
  • Relieves psychological and bodily stress
  • Relieves eyestrain, sinusitis and congestion
  • Treats complications, migraines and insomnia

One other good thing about Thai Head Therapeutic massage is that may carry out it by yourself head wherever and anytime. You may attempt it at dwelling or at your place of business or research to shortly scale back and remove any stress, stress or complications you might have, trigger by any anxieties or worries you might be experiencing. You may do this with only a few easy methods comparable to squeezing and releasing the trapeziod muscular tissues in your shoulders on each side aspect of your neck. Apply palm strain to your neck muscular tissues in a mild squeezing movement to launch any muscle stress and improve blood circulation to the pinnacle. Rotate your center fingers in small circles alongside the alongside the to prime of your eyebrows from the centre of your brow to in the direction of the surface of your eyes. Repeat on the sphenoid bone near the frontozygomatic suture. Lastly squeeze the ear between thumb and your index finger and apply a bit of strain. Drag the earlobe down slowly and launch to stimulate all of the power factors and by making use of a reasonable strain make downward strokes alongside the neck to its base on the shoulders. This may stimulate the discharge of endorphins and shortly begin to alleviate any signs of stress or stress you might be having.


Source by Salla T Maliwaong

Correlation Between Pranayama and Stem Cells Tradition


What are Stem Cells?

  • Stem cells are undifferentiated cells, discovered all through the physique after embryonic improvement. They’ll make equivalent copies of themselves for lengthy durations of time and multiply by cell division to replenish dying cells and regenerate broken tissues for self-renewal and self-healing.
  • The stem cell has distinctive capacity to heal itself. At any time when a tissue is broken, stem cell are activated to supply new cells that may regenerate the broken tissues and revitalize the organ.
  • The stem cells are principally present in mind, spinal twine, blood vessel, bone marrow, peripheral blood, dental pulp, skeletal muscle groups, pores and skin, digestive system, retina, pancreases and cornea.


Pranayama isn’t solely respiration train or a method to extend prana within the physique. It’s a highly effective technique of making yogic energy within the physique.

Pranayama creates further warmth within the physique, it awakens among the centres within the mind and it might additionally carry down the speed of respiration and alter the mind waves. Common apply of Pranayama and respiration workout routines will guarantee correct oxygenation for all components of the physique and remedy many ailments. Correct oxygenation helps in purifying the blood and removing of poisons and carbon dioxide from the kidney.

In line with yogic principle there’s intimate relation between the breath and the mind and their cyclic actives. When one nostril has the dominant air circulation the alternative hemisphere of the mind is dominated. Forceful respiration via the extra congested nostril awakens the much less dominant hemisphere. The circuit of the mind relies on the Ida and Pingla nadis.

Throughout the spinal twine there’s a essential fluid, the cerebrospinal fluid, via Pranayama apply awakening happens in Mooladhar chakra the fluid will get excited.When the cerebrospinal fluid strikes via the vertebral column, it alters the faces of consciousness.

The circuitry for the nadis and chakras exists throughout the central nervous system [CNS], alongside the backbone and within the mind. If we’re in a position to faucet, purify strengthen and reconnect these circuits through the Pranayama strategies we are able to completely remodel, our thoughts/physique complicated.

The overall physique/thoughts complicated capabilities on the facility of three primary energies Ida, Pingla and Sushumna. At any time when the Sushumna Nadi is activated, the particular mind cells instantly speed up the manufacturing of stem cells.

  • Pranayama is a robust approach which prompts the Ajna chakra or third eye chakra. The centralized focusing of prana seems to have an effect on each Nadis concurrently. Ajna chakra or Pineal gland acts as an organiser and controller of all glands.It controls the event of the gland and regulates them. It controls the correct circulation of cerebro- spinal fluid and thus all of the glands and physique develop into revitalised, sturdy and wholesome.
  • Pranayama stimulates the mind to ship the chemical sign to the stem cells situated close to the broken/ diseased cells.
  • The stem cells migrate to the useless/broken cells and because of their capacity of self-renewing they make new cells and revitalize the broken cells.

Thus by Pranayama one can manipulate the stem cells into turning into new cells, and may speed up well being of that organ and revitalize the broken cells to revere the illness.

Whereas scientists are nonetheless trying to find the surprise strategies, theories and medicines to probe the deeper elements of stem cells, Pranayama gives a concise and exact framework via the breath/nadis/chakra system by which we are able to successfully manipulate or stimulate the stem cells for optimum well being and get rid from main ailments.





Source by Geeta Jha

What Do All of the Aromatherapy Scents Imply?


In establishing a meditation space for rest, or to be used in yoga courses, many individuals use incense, candles and/or important oils. Scent is a strong and great software that can be utilized to fill an area or our our bodies with qualities and symbolism to match the intentions or objectives for any observe.

Generally, throughout Savasana (or corpse pose), one on essentially the most stress-free components of yoga observe the place the physique is totally relaxed, many instructors use scent within the room to assist in rest. My private yoga teacher, for instance, dabs a tiny drop of lavender oil on our necks throughout Savasana, Lavender has many properties to assist soothe and loosen up,

So what sort of scents can be found and what does one use? It actually will depend on what your objectives are for that exact meditation or yoga session. Are you making an attempt to alleviate stress? You then would possibly use Lavender….Have you ever been preventing a chilly? You then would possibly strive Hyssop. Are you making an attempt to achieve power and get up? You then would possibly use Lemon or Peppermint.

Here’s a checklist of some widespread important oils and what they imply or what they may also help obtain to get your began in your method to establishing the appropriate temper or intention on your observe.

Lemon – Lemon is an energizer additionally serving to as a disinfectant. It additionally has pure bleaching qualities. Together with that, it additionally serves as an energizer. The oil is extracted from the rind and juice of lemon and has a wealthy, fruity and heat scent.

Lavender – Lavender is a superb stress reliever, selling peace and well-being. Due to it is stress relieving capability and can be utilized to deal with anxiousness, insomnia and abdomen aches. The oil is extracted from the flowering spikes of lavender and has a candy, floral and barely sharp scent. As talked about earlier, this can be a nice scent for savasana,

Hyssop – Hyssop has been round for hundreds of years. It has therapeutic properties which were utilized by many all through the years. It helps with chilly and flu. It will also be used as a skin-improving agent, serving to struggle towards blemishes.

Jasmine – identified for its stress-free and soothing properties and might be, at instances, used as an aphrodisiac as properly. The oil is extracted from jasmine flowers and has a heavy and candy dreamy scent. (One other good possibility for savasana!)

Basil – Helps with focus. Additionally utilized in all kinds of drawback similar to upset abdomen, headache, flatulence, low urge for food, lack of focus, abrasions, sinus, muscle aches, migraine, gout and bronchitis. The oil is extracted from flowering tops and leaves of basil and has a candy and spicy scent.

Chamomile – Used to advertise sleep, rest and meditation. (That is why so many individuals have a cup of chamomile tea at bedtime!) It is rest properties and can be utilized to deal with indigestion, peptic ulcers, nervousness, menstrual cramps, sore throat, burns and pores and skin inflammations, vaginal infections, insomnia, sunburn, hay fever and sprains. The oil is extracted from chamomile flower heads and has a candy, fruity and floral scent.

Sandalwood – This scent is fashionable for incense burning and remains to be burned in lots of houses in the present day. It’s a very candy woody scent serving to promote rest and non secular concord. Additionally, assist with dry hair and pores and skin. It will also be used to deal with melancholy, dry pores and skin, nausea, pores and skin issues and stress. The oil is extracted from sandalwood itself and has an unique and barely spicy scent.

Rose – There are numerous various kinds of roses. All of them have some variations in therapeutic properties. Rose oil has soothing and calming talents and can be utilized to deal with scurvy and nervousness. It additionally promotes the emotions of affection and peace. The oil is extracted from petals, hips and root bark of rose and has a lightweight, candy and floral scent.

Peppermint – A real energizer. Typically used to assist with muscle aches, fatigue, ache, fuel, sore throat, digestive issues, abdomen ulcers and nausea. The oil is extracted from leaves of peppermint plant and has a minty scent.

Eucalyptus – Highly effective decongestant. Used for hundreds of years to assist with chilly signs. It additionally has antiseptic qualities and can be utilized to deal with nasal and chest congestion, bronchial asthma, sore muscular tissues, cuts and abrasions. The oil is extracted from eucalyptus leaves and has a powerful, contemporary and minty scent.

Ginger – An energizing scent, ginger is extensively used to assist with nausea.

Nutmeg – Utilized by some to assist with sleep and indigestion.

However what in case your intentions are particular? What can scent do to solidify your observe intentions? In case you are in a troubled relationship and must evoke constructive emotions in the direction of that relationship, you would possibly provoke a meditation session surrounding love and deal with that to heal that relationship. On this case you’ll have a number of selections of scent to assist in that intention.

Listed below are a number of themes and methods you’ll be able to particularly gear your observe utilizing scent:

Love, Companionship & Relationship

The scents of apple, cinnamon, clove, copal, gardenia, jasmine, lavender, musk, orange, patchouli, peppermint, rain, rose, vanilla, white jasmine, and ylang-ylang important oil signify the completely different points of a relationship, similar to love, companionship, affection and adoration.

Objectives, Beneficial properties, Cash & Success

The scents that signify materials success, together with cash, income and goals, embrace the perfume of allspice, almond, bergamot, basil, cinnamon, clover, dill, honeysuckle, lemon, pine, pink ginger and sage important oils.

Safety, Concord & Effectively Being

Signifying the general concord of an individual are the scents of angelica, basil, bay, bayberry, carnation, cinnamon, clove, coconut, dill, dragon’s blood, eucalyptus, frankincense, gardenia, geranium, heather, juniper, lilac, myrrh, narcissis, sandalwood and violet important oils.

Inspiration, Psychic Consciousness & Instinct

In case you are searching for important oils with scents that signify inspiration, psychic consciousness and instinct; anise, cedar, chamomile, cinnamon, eucalyptus, frankincense, inexperienced tea, lavender, lemongrass, lime, lotus, musk, myrrh, peppermint, pine, rosemary, sandalwood, and valerian necessities oils would be the greatest wager.


Possibly your focus is to work on one of many seven Chakras that’s of concern for you. The phrase Chakra is Sanskrit for wheel or disk. It signifies one among seven fundamental power facilities within the physique that are the openings for all times power to stream into and out of our aura. Every of those facilities correlates to main nerve inside our spinal column. As well as, the Chakras additionally correlate to ranges of consciousness, archetypal parts (Jungian ideas), developmental levels of life, colours, sounds, physique capabilities, and extra. Aromatherapy oils geared toward particular Chakras can be utilized in therapeutic or engaged on these areas of concern throughout your meditation or yoga practices.

Aromatherapy has been used for hundreds of years in several nations all over the world. Many individuals have used aromatherapy to enhance their temper, well being and total will being. Many individuals in our face-paced society are rediscovering the pure advantages of aromatherapy in their yoga and meditation practices because it aids in additional solidifying your intentions of pure residing and peace with oneself.


Source by Jennifer Tallini

Reiki for Prosperity, Abundance and Monetary Success


Fairly just a few folks have written to me asking tips on how to use Reiki to carry abundance, prosperity and/or

monetary success into their lives. This text is a considerably shortened model of my weblog entry on this

matter. Please click on on the hyperlink under to learn the longer model.

I’ll current just a few concepts for utilizing Reiki to attain abundance, prosperity and/or monetary success.

However earlier than I try this, I wish to point out that that is one space the place Reiki and Feng Shui go collectively very

properly. Many books on Feng Shui particularly let you know tips on how to arrange your atmosphere to encourage abundance and prosperity.

I do wish to acknowledge one thing earlier than I proceed my dialogue. To some folks, talking of Reiki and cash or Reiki and monetary success in the identical breath makes them cringe. They view Reiki as pure Love, a religious calling, and to introduce the thought of cash into the sacred realm of Reiki is abhorrent to them. If that’s your viewpoint, I utterly perceive and respect your place. I’ve identified healers in lots of fields who’ve felt the identical approach.

However I’m a bit extra of a pragmatist and a realist. I acknowledge that we have to make a dwelling and we have to help our households. Much more importantly, I notice the adverse results poverty and financial insecurity can have on us.

When an individual feels financially unsure, even endangered, that individual could discover it very arduous to concentrate to the religious points of his/her life. If somebody has a lot monetary fear, ideas of “How will I pay the payments?” and “Will we lose the home?” could occupy a lot of that individual’s power and time that they’ll scarcely take into consideration issues like serving to others heal.

Does this imply that poor folks and other people with monetary difficulties cannot be religious and can not help others heal? In fact it doesn’t suggest that. Nonetheless, survival points can turn into paramount, and for a lot of, many individuals, these points intervene with their means to offer any of their power to religious and therapeutic points. We’re all human, with a restricted quantity of power and assets out there to us at any given time.

However past this, I do not imagine there may be something inherently improper within the need for abundance, prosperity

and monetary safety. We dwell in a world that’s run by cash; that’s the actuality we dwell with, irrespective of

how a lot we would want it have been in any other case. With out adequate cash, we’re in serious trouble! When we have now adequate cash, we are able to flip our consideration extra simply to serving to others.

Everybody has to outline what the time period “adequate cash” means to them. For instance, I’m not keen on the thought of utilizing Reiki to win the lottery, or to win at playing. Frankly, I do not just like the power of playing, as a result of so many individuals’s lives are ruined by playing.

Having stated that, nevertheless, I depart it as much as you to resolve how a lot cash is “adequate”. The individuals who

contact me about utilizing Reiki for prosperity often wish to find the money for to pay their payments on time and supply dwelling for his or her households. A few of them have began Reiki and different therapeutic practices, and need these practices to be financially profitable in order that they’ll each assist others and help their


The time period “abundance” can also be open to interpretation. Abundance just isn’t essentially the identical factor as having some huge cash, or being very affluent. Every individual has to resolve what “abundance” means to them. Somebody who doesn’t have some huge cash however who has a whole lot of friendship and love may really feel that their life is crammed with abundance. Having a way of abundance permits us to really feel content material with what we have now. That assumes, in fact, that we do not wrestle to search out the cash to eat day by day, or we do not dwell in an unsafe place.

You should utilize Reiki to draw abundance and prosperity in direction of you in some ways. Listed below are just a few solutions:

1. Draw the Reiki Energy Image and the Lengthy Distance image on a chunk of paper, and place them in your pockets or purse. Each time you see them there, consider abundance/prosperity being drawn to you throughout time and distance. It’s also possible to place these symbols in a jar of cash and tuck one at the back of your checkbook.

2. Draw the Energy Image in your Palm Chakras every morning. It will function a symbolic reminder of how cash adjustments arms, and it’ll assist draw that cash towards your arms.

three. Use Aventurine stones or Malachite stones, each of which are sometimes used to symbolize cash. Place the

stone in a single hand when you draw the Energy and/or Lengthy Distance Image over that hand together with your different hand. Think about the thought of wealth flowing towards you. Depart the stones close to your checkbook, purse, pockets, and so forth.

four. Utilizing the Lengthy-Distance Image, you may ship Reiki into the longer term to your funds. In different phrases, you may ship optimistic power into the longer term. It’s also possible to use the Lengthy-Distance Image to go backwards in time to assist heal a few of the emotional toll that monetary difficulties have taken on you.

5. When you have a enterprise, you may draw the Energy Image and/or Lengthy-Distance Image within the air within the

corners of your administrative center, over the money register or bank card machine, and so forth. Depart small

Aventurine or Malachite stones that you’ve charged with Reiki close to the register or bank card terminal.

There are a number of Chakras which might be essential to concentrate to in cash issues:

1. The Palm Chakras – since cash actually “adjustments arms”.

2. The Third Eye Chakra – as a result of it is the seat of your instinct, and it could possibly assist you to make good selections

about your future.

three. The Photo voltaic Plexus Chakra – as a result of it is the place of your inside knowledge, your “intestine emotions”, and it could possibly

assist you to decide whether or not one thing is an efficient or unhealthy monetary determination for you.

four. Make sure you focus in your Root Chakra, too, if self-confidence (or lack of it) is a matter. Your Root

Chakra can also be essential if previous monetary issues have disturbed your sense of stability and safety (and

made you much less assured in consequence).

The topic of Reiki for abundance, prosperity and monetary success is advanced and multi-faceted. I’ve

simply scratched the floor with this dialogue. Please be at liberty to join my publication to be taught extra

ways in which Reiki might help you in your on a regular basis life.


Source by Loretta Noble

Pure Crystals and Stones – Their Metaphysical Qualities and Makes use of


Over the centuries, individuals from everywhere in the world have been intrigued by the metaphysical qualities of stones, or extra appropriately known as minerals. It has been acknowledged that every one that exists is in a relentless state of vibration, and crystalline buildings have a very steady vibration which resists the affect of different vibration frequencies.

Minerals, notably of their crystalline type, stimulate therapeutic primarily based upon the property of sympathetic vibration or resonance. They’ve very particular factors of resonance with certainly one of our seven main vitality facilities (chakras). The colors of the stones appear to have a bearing on the qualities of the vibrations. This is kind of just like the colors represented by the seven charkas which additionally coincide with the seven colors of the rainbow. (Crown chakra – violet, Blow chakra – indigo, Throat chakra-blue, Coronary heart chakra – inexperienced, Photo voltaic Plexus chakra – yellow), Sacral chakra – orange, and Base chakra pink). These resonant frequencies arrange an electromagnetic subject.

If we imagine that every one human beings have interweaving vitality our bodies (human aura) past their bodily shell, and they’re being electromagnetic in nature, it naturally follows that they are often influenced by the electromagnetic resonance of minerals and crystals.

Ailments and diseases have been attributed to disharmony in thought patterns, inflicting irregular vitality move inside delicate (non-physical), the etheric and bodily our bodies; due to this fact, extended publicity to the constructive vibration of stones could have a therapeutic impact. Apart from their therapeutic results, minerals additionally provide safety towards negativities and in a approach carry good luck to us.

Amulets and Talisman to ward away ghosts.

Sure stones, particularly these of celestial origins seem to have the facility to drive away undesirable or unfavorable vitality. These are stones like these from the meteorite household – tektite, moldavites, iron or nickel meteorites – can truly push back evil spirits. When carved with photographs of Buddha or deities, or when they’re particularly enchanted by superior practitioners, they can be utilized as very highly effective talismans or amulets.

So, it’s also believed that the carrying of sure amulets or talismans would shield you towards ghosts. Additionally, some additionally feels that sure stones, particularly the quartz household, (White Quartz, Amethyst, Ametrine, Citrine and Smoky Quartz) can provide the identical safety. Different protecting stones embrace, diamond, pyrite, hematite, obsidian, black star sapphire, black diopside, and jet. Personally, I perceive that stones have a various diploma of electro-magnetic radiation. When they’re worn on our physique, they serve to strengthen our physique vitality vibration, form of casting a protecting defend over us.

One very highly effective talisman I’ve is the picture of the Earth Retailer (Dichang) Bodhisattva made from tektite. I even have a bracelet made from pyrite and amber, and I exploit to have it with me each time I traveled abroad. In my arsenal, I even have bracelets and pendants made from iron meteorite, and they’re additionally very potent in heading off negativities. It is usually believed these moonstones are good protecting stones for abroad touring particularly crossing waters. I all the time hold a number of items of tumbled moonstones in my baggage.

For many who are afraid of ghosts when touring abroad and staying in lodge rooms , they will strive arranging their sneakers within the Ying Yang method – one with the only real going through up whereas the opposite within the regular place – on the foot of their beds.

Amulets and talismans are equally charged with sturdy vibrations by their makers – monks and monks alike, they usually serve the identical objective because the stones. At my stage, I’m able to magnetize stones and any objects to confer upon them stronger radiation by utilizing my energisation technique or by chanting of mantras.

Spirits In Stones

There are perception that some stones include reminiscences of the previous whereas some grow to be dwelling place for some life types, identical to the hermit crabs that inhabit the shell after the shellfish have died. My religious pal Stella has the flexibility to speak with stones and he or she claimed she typically noticed impish trying creatures residing in some stones. As soon as I used to be meditating with one Labradorite ball (a type of felspar stone which is opaque with luminous blue towards gray background) and noticed photographs of a lady clad in Greek-like robe amidst some Roman like pillars contained in the stone. She had almond form eyes and form options and appeared irritated by my unwelcome intrusion. There was one other stone, a chunk of Rhodonite – a pink color stone with black Manganese steaks, that I may see photographs of dome shapes construction. I additionally recalled one other occasion when an outdated woman handed me a chunk of jade which she retrieved from the exhumed grave of her mom died way back, and requested me whether or not it was alright for her daughter-in-law to put on it. The second I picked up the jewellery I may really feel a painful sensation in my abdomen. I requested her whether or not she may recall whether or not her mom suffered some form of ailment of the abdomen, and he or she confirmed it. I cleansed the stone for her however she informed me she had modified her thoughts about giving it to her daughter-in-law and as an alternative selected to maintain it within the jewellery field. Jade is alleged to have the bizarre high quality of defending its proprietor. It might break into items each time the wearer encounter harmful conditions; the folklore has it that it blocks off the risks on behalf of its proprietor.

Stones For Attracting Fortune

Chinese language believes that carrying of sure stones would carry them luck. Jade is probably the most favoured stone adorn not solely to carry good luck to the wearer however it additionally affords safety as properly. For these gamblers who’re ever hopeful windfall, they might put on yellow gem stones – yellow sapphire, topaz, or citrine. Some could even carry a pyrite doughnut along with a greenback coin of their pockets. Inexperienced stones are for attracting wealth generated from profession, they usually embrace not solely jade but in addition emerald, peridot, quartz with chloride inclusions, aventurine, malachite, and amazonite. Apart from carrying them as semi-precious stones set in rings and pendants, a number of the tumbled stones (aventurine, malachite, and amazonite) may be positioned in money registers to assist improve every day takings from retailed companies.

Stones and Feng-shui

Feng-Shui, or Geomancy, is in a fashion of talking additionally about vitality – Power brought on by the panorama, magnetic forces and flows, seasonal fluctuations in vitality flows, celestial and planetary influences, and positioning of static objects within the setting, and the way your personal physique vitality copes with and resonates with all these causes of vitality. The western utility of Feng-Shui is to carry an array of scientific gear right into a location and check out the varied types of vitality within the space. In case you are delicate to vitality, you’ll be able to truly really feel the affect of “Feng-Shui” – the great and dangerous “Chi” – relatively than relying completely on the Feng Shui ideas practiced by the masters. Since stones have constructive vibrational vitality, they are often deployed to enhance the Feng-shui of the constructing if positioned on the right place. For instance, the left hand nook of the principle corridor of the home diagonally reverse the doorway is taken into account the wealth place; to reinforce constructive vitality on this nook one may emplace amethyst geode. This can be a higher substitute for placing spherical leaf crops there, as historically advisable by Feng-shui masters. Apart from placing up mirrors or wind chimes at our home windows to dam off unfavorable vitality from some ill-formed buildings or panorama going through our home, we may hold faceted lower crystal balls. In opposition to the daylight, these faceted balls may mirror specks of rainbow lights into the home and create a beautiful sight as they’re seen as if dancing on the partitions.


Source by Anthony Leong

Chromopathy Therapy (Extremely-Coloration)


My Grandmother wakes up each morning; she does a Suryanamaskar every single day.

“Get up each morning and pray to the solar (Suryanamaskar), and can all the time get pleasure from positive well being by way of your life”.

My Grandmother all the time taught me all of the pure technique to be wholesome. She then added, “Coloration has a really very important function to play in our life”. I actually witnessed and skilled in my life after which onwards had a special imaginative and prescient to take care of the colours. A number of the superb details I learnt was motivating me to study extra about it. I studied plenty of books and learnt on-line and was impressed by the function of colour and solar rays. This was the truth that I used to be unaware of.

Chromo means colour and pathy means the strategy of therapy. By way of chromopathy many historical and power ailments will be handled. It’s an alternate medication technique. It claims to make use of gentle within the type of colour to steadiness Vitality missing in an individual’s physique.

There are lots of colours within the rays of daylight which purifies the air and the local weather, water and destroys the undesirable germs on the earth. The Veda declares that the colour embedded within the solar ray can treatment the ailments.

Practitioners of Ayurvedic medicines consider that physique has seven chakras. In historical days the sage and consultants practiced the Suryaupasana (Pray to the Solar early morning) which proves that therapy is feasible by way of Sunrays. In keeping with this the chakra can turn out to be imbalance and end in bodily ailments, however making use of the colour within the right place can treatment the imbalance within the physique. In some a part of Europe there isn’t any daylight for some months and due to this fact individuals take solar bathtub when it seems.

The system of curing the ailments with the completely different colour of cosmic rays and its advantages are immense and are defined on this means because the solar rays penetrate the physique immediately and doesn’t too lengthy, as Vitamin-D is fashioned when the ray of solar penetrates our pores and skin. There are lots of rays in Daylight the principle colours are:

1. RED– It’s used to realize vitality and it is helpful in pigmentation of pores and skin, Coronary heart ailments when uncovered within the solar assist treatment these ailments.

2. Yellow– It is helpful in activating the nerve sensation and offers shine to the physique.

three. Blue– It provides the cooling and soothing impact in our physique.

These are three main colours and there are additionally different colours like;

Orange, inexperienced, purple, violet, pink, vibrant yellow, darkish blue, indigo and ultra-violet these 9 colours are the mixture of three foremost shades.

1. RED– colour of affection.

2. YELLOW– colour of brainpower or mind.

three. BLUE– colour of fact and hope.

four. ORANGE– well being, mind and energy of spiritualism.

5. GREEN- hope, mind and development.

6. VIOLET- politeness.

7. PINK- mercy.

eight. BRIGHT YELLOW- psychological energy.

9. DARKBLUE- peace.

10. INDIGO- melody, concord.

11. ULTRA VIOLET- capacity to work and variety.

Aside from these colours there are three extra colours to say and they’re;

1. BLACK– darkness.

2. WHITE– energy, purity, simplicity and clearness.

three. GREY– sorrow and anxious.

Coloration remedy and their impact in our physique

Many various colours have the power to deal with a number of ailments, if penetrated or inserted in our physique by way of lenses within the correct location of the physique.

Pink and pink will increase blood move within the Artery and will increase heat in our physique.

Yellow and orange encourage the nerve motion and it relaxes the swollen a part of the physique and offers vitality, helpful in coronary heart ailments.

Blue and violet present aid from nervousness, swelling, fever, and sharp ache and mind ailments.

Inexperienced treats in fever, ailments associated to girls, sexual issues and most cancers.

Purple purifies blood, liver and nervous system.

Use of chromopathy in our each day life

1. Pink and Pink– Veggies and fruits of this colour present heat; it is used within the type of tonics throughout weak spot.

2. Yellow and Orange– the greens and fruits of this colour present fiber and avoids constipation and gastric and urinal dysfunction.

three. Blue, Indigo and Violet- greens containing this colour are cool by nature and keep away from insomnia.

four. Inexperienced coloured greens and fruits forestall urinal issues.

Chromopathy and its benefits

It is a protected, sensitivity free, non venomous it doesn’t want anesthesia, no lower and surgical procedures wanted throughout the therapy, no mark of scars and wounds on the physique, no ache throughout the therapy. The colour remedy with the assistance of solar ray will be penetrated immediately into our physique with out losing any time. It is probably the most simple and low-priced therapy.

Correct therapy in excellent physique half and proper medicines prescribed can treatment the ailments with none trouble. Suryanamaskar is now probably the most crucial a part of my life.


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Goals, Premonitions and Time Journey


In keeping with its definition, a premonition is a foretelling of the long run. Goals are sometimes premonitions of the unconscious. However what’s the scientific foundation of premonition? Seeing the long run earlier than it occurs in your personal present actuality is time journey. Einstein’s nicely accepted relativity physics states that point journey is feasible, when one object is touring sooner than one other object, particularly as one object approaches the velocity of sunshine, relative to the opposite.

The earth and all of its inhabitants are touring close to the velocity of sunshine relative to various different objects within the universe. So let’s discover the Twin Paradox idea of Time Journey and its relationship to desires and premonitions. Einstein concluded that if there have been two twins born on earth, and one in every of them boarded an area craft, traveled a spherical journey close to the velocity of sunshine relative to his twin and returned to earth, his twin could be lengthy lifeless. Scientists that study sub-atomic particles verify the factual nature of the Twin Paradox time and again as they speed up particles in massive accelerators such because the CERN laboratory.

So primarily based on this assumption, it’s not a stretch to conclude that the dual that returns to earth after his travels, may study the historical past books or a diary of his lifeless twin and see your complete life in a second, relative to a brief 12 months or two that had handed on his personal journey.

In the event you perceive the character of vibration within the physique, particularly relative to jap chakras, you’ll start to grasp the character of time journey in your personal physique. When your spirit resonates along with your seventh and eighth chakras, you might be faraway from the restrictions of your personal earthly vessel and might journey close to the velocity of sunshine, relative to your companion that’s mendacity in mattress subsequent to you. That is what permits you, in a state of desires or meditation, to witness the long run earlier than it occurs.

Take into account for a second that you’re a photon of sunshine, touring from the solar. In keeping with Einstein’s equations, you might be touring on the velocity of sunshine, so that you just see the entire historical past of the universe, from starting to finish, in a single second. Because of this the time skilled within the universe from the second of the large bang to now, round 14 billion years, may be seen by the sunshine, from starting to finish, in a second. Cosmic Background Radiation may be considered a premonition of the way forward for the universe.

Due to the distinctive traits of relativity physics, it doesn’t take a leap of understanding to conclude that though the dual that traveled away from the earth is just one or two years older, a for much longer time has handed for his lengthy lifeless twin, and he arrives again to earth to witness “the long run” of his twin.

All the things within the universe is touring close to the velocity of sunshine, relative to one thing else within the universe. So it’s simple to conclude that our future has already occurred, relative to another observer within the universe, and our desires and premonitions are merely the electromagnetic signature of that observable future.

After we dream, meditate or in any other case grow to be free from the bondage of our bodily vessel, we time journey. We then have the power to witness the previous and the long run, all in a second. We grow to be like God, which is the sunshine of the universe. In the identical vogue, we are able to consciously form our futures as a result of there are an infinite variety of futures for all of us. Realizing what we would like in our lives, particularly relative to contributing to the upper vibration of humanity, permits us to form and mildew our future, simply as an artist would form a chunk of artwork.


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Thai Therapeutic massage Versus Sports activities Therapeutic massage – Which Is Higher For Athletes?


Thai therapeutic massage would be the final sports activities therapeutic massage. By understanding the world’s oldest drugs methods, we change into higher outfitted to deal with athletic situations.

Thai therapeutic massage, additionally known as Thai-Yoga, is rooted within the 7,000-year-old drugs system of Ayurveda. Though Ayurveda is historic, the U.S. is simply discovering its therapeutic riches.

What’s Thai therapeutic massage?

Thai therapeutic massage can also be known as Thai-Yoga as a result of it’s rooted in yoga. Thai therapeutic massage is like having yoga carried out to you.

Like therapeutic massage, Thai therapeutic massage is carried out by a practitioner onto a recipient. The consumer passively receives a collection of stretches and compressions. In contrast to most therapeutic massage kinds, a highly-skilled therapist may also obtain therapeutic results by providing the therapy.

Like yoga, a session entails a collection of dynamic stretches. Like stretches or postures in yoga (asanas), many muscle mass are stretched concurrently.

And the stretches are typically multi-planar. This implies every stretch strikes the muscle mass in additional than only one path. Multi-planar stretches put together the muscle higher for on a regular basis actions than do stretches which can be isolating or uni-directional.

Probably the most notable results of the therapy sequence embody:

* Stretching tight muscle mass

* Loosening stiff joints, and

* Bettering vitality circulation.

The therapy improves vitality circulation by loosening muscle mass that generally tighten and prohibit the circulation of blood, nerves, oxygen, and different very important vitality. In lots of Jap well being practices, this focus is known as clearing chakras. By clearing all the physique’s main chakras, very important vitality circulation is restored all through the physique.

How is Thai therapeutic massage totally different from Sports activities therapeutic massage?

Sports activities therapeutic massage is a typical type of therapeutic massage used to coach athletes and deal with sports activities accidents. Most therapeutic massage therapists obtain particular coaching or a definite sports activities therapeutic massage certification so as to observe it with athletes.

Sports activities therapeutic massage is a mixture of assisted stretching and therapeutic massage strategies. The applying relies on the part of the athlete’s coaching.

The advantages of assisted stretching are restricted, nevertheless, as a result of muscle mass are stretched in isolation, uni-directionally.

Thai therapeutic massage can also be usually utilized in a delicate method that permits the recipient to chill out. When the physique is relaxed, and stretches are obtained passively, the muscle mass will be stretched extra deeply.

Utilizing multi-planar, dynamic stretches, with a soothing strategy, is extra useful than typical assisted stretching targeted on muscle mass in isolation.

Clearing chakras can also be extra restorative than engaged on muscle mass individually or treating problematic areas individually from the remainder of the physique.

Whereas most People contemplate therapeutic massage to be holistic drugs, Thai therapeutic massage is actually extra holistic by nature than most different kinds of therapeutic massage, together with sports activities therapeutic massage.


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Talking Of The Reality: Reiki And Efficient Communication


When analyzing the particulars linked to the fifth chakra, the throat, zone of communication and expression, imbalances or ailments that manifest can produce a myriad of signs: Sore throat, thyroid imbalance TMJ (Temporomandibular joint dysfunction of the jaw bones), weak voice, listening to loss, repeat colds, shyness, feeling dis-empowered, overly emotional, uncommunicative, egoic you converse…however others look as if you might be an alien!

Some ideas to assist clear away the energetic visitors jam might embrace: Singing, Buzzing Chanting Screaming-Sure. A superb scream can do wonders by way of releasement. Belief me, I’ve achieved it a couple of instances to shed what I wanted to launch,

For many who are conversant in The Regulation of Attraction, we are able to additionally apply this idea to imbalances within the throat chakra; what we ship out is returned to us. The Universe is kind of specific in guiding us to dwell our fact. I just lately learn a quote that states “Dwelling your fact is as a lot about realizing who you might be as what you stand for”.

From a Reiki practitioner’s perspective, purchasers who search out Reiki as a way of restoring stability to their bodily vessel, usually specific emotions of overwhelment, frustration or anger. In assessing and observing, we discover it could be a mirrored image of feeling as if they don’t seem to be being heard. Or, maybe they aren’t talking their fact.

Whereas the practitioner focuses on all seven chakras (root, sacral, photo voltaic plexus, coronary heart, throat, third eye and crown), further consideration could also be positioned on the throat chakra to permit the congested power to return in the direction of the floor and soften or burn away, additional finishing the consumer’s therapeutic course of.

Channeling Common Love & Therapeutic Power can help in releasing congestion in our communication zone. A byproduct of this therapeutic can floor as a cough, scratchy throat, extra phlegm, metallic or “funky” style within the mouth. Whereas they could appear annoying to the consumer, I reinforce that it is a optimistic step of their therapeutic journey. This enables life power power to maneuver in a extra pure rhythm. It additionally permits the consumer to talk clearly, concisely and with outlined intention.

I as soon as labored with a consumer was an airline attendant. She was cute as a button. Throughout our session, I noticed congestion to her throat chakra. By way of the dialogue course of, she shared that certainly one of her co-workers had been making sarcastic feedback in the direction of her. Pissed off, she would keep silent and never interact in a banter of phrases. When she returned for a comply with up session a couple of weeks later, I requested how issues had been going with this particular person. Her eyes widened and she or he defined that when she returned to work, the co employee made yet one more sarcastic remark. My consumer firmly instructed her that her feedback had been unwarranted and mainly put her in her place! From that second ahead, there was no extra feedback from the peanut gallery!

Now, whereas every case is exclusive, Reiki clearly was instrumental on this scenario. My consumer was capable of launch the frustration, anger and self vital emotions concerning herself and her coworker in a wholesome, optimistic means. Reiki allowed her to really feel assured in speaking her ideas and intentions.

Moreover, we’re seeing extra individuals opening as much as their Spiriutal items. Within the early phases, uncertainty of the right way to step into their Gentle could cause im-balances to their throat chakra. Once more, the bond between consumer and Reiki practitioner can present loving help in working by these emotions.

On the finish of the day, Spirit reminds us how a lot our fact shapes our experiences. A beneficial lesson for everybody.

And So It Is…


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Astro Analysing Kundalini Yoga


In each human being there may be supply of divine vitality referred to as kundalini which primarily stays in dormant state within the particular person, however when the kundalini vitality arises and awake the seeker make speedy progress within the subject of spirituality.

There are a lot of similarities between microcosm’s human physique and macrocosm whole universe. All components, all issues current in universe are additionally current within the bodily physique. The planets and celestial our bodies exert astrological vibrations upon our bodily physique which additional affect our persona and spirituality. In a layman language we are able to say that at unconscious degree the photo voltaic system is our bigger physique and the human physique acts as a miniature photo voltaic system.

In line with Indian astrology the essence of soul is influenced by the position and energy of Solar within the horoscope. Moon impacts the thoughts, Mars influences the blood, Mercury impacts speech and mind, Jupiter denotes information, Venus linked with seminal fluid and Saturn is the agent of mysterious experiences within the life.

The seat of kundalini is the purpose the place Capricorn and Aquarius meet within the Root chakra the place because the signal Leo and Most cancers intersect on the Third eye or Ajna chakra. The psychic kundalini passage is denoted by the nodal axis with North Pole as Root chakra and South Pole as Ajna chakra.

Astrological elements influencing a kundalini yogi:

Kundalini Shakti axis:Rahu/Ketu nodes signifies serpentine kundalini energy axis. Rahu represents ego and bodily physique its wishes and gratification and positioned at North Pole or the Root chakra. Ketu then again represents renunciation, liberation and supreme freedom from materials affairs resented by South Pole of Crown chakra. When Rahu succeeds in turning its function from materials gratification and raises its degree to the spirituality of Ketu, rising of kundalini energy begins. On this mystical journey Rahu from the basis chakra unify with the Ketu at Crown chakra for enlightenment.

Mooladhar or Root chakra: Saturn, earth factor,provides bodily form to our physique; equal endocrine glands are intercourse and gonads.

Swadisthana or naval chakra: Jupiter, water factor, guidelines emotions and sexuality

Hara or Manipur Chakra:Mars, fireplace factor, will energy, guidelines energy and motion.

Anahata or Coronary heart chakra:Venus, air factor, thymus gland, signifies common love.

Visudhi or Throat chakra:ether as factor, Mercury, thyroid and parathyroid, guidelines consciousness of an individual.

Ajna or Third eye chakra:no factor, Solar/Moon, pituitary gland, signifies self realization.

Sahastrara or Crown chakra: penal gland, the seeker is being eternally established in oneness of the God.

eighth home: signifies mystical and secret strategies of religious development.

Scorpio/Most cancers/Pisces: are water indicators represents moksha.

4th/eighth/12th home:are salvation homes.

Planetary circumstances in Horoscope accountable for Kundalini Awakening: –

  • Jupiter posited in eighth home or associated with eighth home or extra planets positioned in eighth home signifies development in kundalini yoga.
  • Venus and lord of 10th home are associated by sq./conjunction/trine/opposition/facet/affiliation /Parivartan
  • Venus associated to Jupiter/Saturn
  • Solar and Jupiter are influenced by Moon/Rahu
  • Rahu falling in fireplace indicators [Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius] signifies fast development in direction of mystical powers and attainment of highly effective siddhis.
  • Placement of Saturn in tenth home from Ascendant or Moon signifies speedy religious progress.
  • Saturn associated to Solar signifies sudden rise in religious subject which typically calls for sacrifice at some stage of life.
  • Jupiter and Saturn trine/quadrant to one another signifies
  • Lords of ninth and 10th home are associated in any means signifies religious development.
  • The Atma Karaka [planet in the highest degree in the horoscope] will fall in moksha or salvation homes [4th, 8th, and 12th] and libration indicators [Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces] point out larger religious consciousness.
  • Atma Karaka falling in watery indicators in Navamansa chart signifies last libration, as a result of a water signal represents dissolution or merging with infinite.
  • Placement of Jupiter and Ketu or Moon and Ketu in 12th home signifies attainment of very larger religious airplane after demise.
  • In a horoscope, if the variety of circumstances relevant is multiple then the kundalini awakening turns into simpler and quick.

Case examine of an excellent kundalini yogi Raman Maharishi:

Shri Raman Maharishi [December 30, 1879–April 14, 1950] was born to a Tamil Brahmin household in Tamil Nadu, was a religious grasp and a nicely versed kundalini yogi.

The fundamental particulars of horoscope of Raman maharishi are:

Ascendant -Libra–nil

2nd house-Scorpio-Mercury and Venus

third house-Sagittarius-Solar and Rahu

4th house-Capricorn-nil

fifth house-Aquarius-nil

sixth house-Pisces-Saturn

seventh house-Aries-Mars

eighth house-Taurus-nil

ninth house-Gemini-Moon and Ketu

10th house-Most cancers-nil

11th house-Leo-Jupiter

12th house-Virgo-nil

Astro analysing the horoscope of Raman Maharishi:

  • Saturn positioned 10th from the Moon signifies sanyasi yoga.
  • Solar and Saturn are quadrant to one another signifies spirituality.
  • From Moon ascendant ninth lord Saturn and 10th lord Jupiter are making mahayoga by trade of locations.
  • Rahu falls in fiery signal Sagittarius signifies development in kundalini yoga.
  • Solar is influenced by Rahu and Moon denotes mystical perception.
  • Raman took the sanyas on the age of 17 within the Mahadasa of Saturn and sub interval of Mars.


Source by Geeta Jha