Mending the Bones With Reiki


How Reiki is used to assist mend damaged bones and deal with widespread bone associated illness resembling osteoporosis, arthritis, rheumatism and genetic sicknesses:

Among the many alternate therapies, Reiki has gained reputation amongst Medical doctors and different practitioners as a non invasive and pure therapeutic technique that’s efficacious in seemingly mysterious methods.

The Common Life Power is an power that’s omnipresent, all-powerful and all pervasive. It has a soothing vibration and a divine high quality that vitalizes the physique being healed and the healer concurrently. The practitioner receives the power by means of the crown chakra or the information chakra and turns into a medium of power switch. Reiki, with an innate intelligence flows to the areas that require therapeutic.

The power move of the physique matches the construction of the physique and the skeletal framework defines the construction of the physique. The truth is, it’s believed that power meridians are shaped first within the fetus earlier than the bodily construction is shaped and the previous acts as a information map for the latter. Any break within the skeletal framework will outcome within the disruption of the sleek move of power. This can traumatize the whole physique and the ensuing illness will influence on the bodily and psychological properly being of the individual.

The basis chakra is the power heart that’s related to the skeletal framework of the physique. All ailments referring to the bones come up because of imbalance on this chakra. Typically, the power move on this chakra will get blocked because of bone accidents. Bone associated ailments that may be handled by Reiki are osteoporosis, fractures, arthritis, rheumatism and genetic sicknesses that come up because of deficiency within the bone marrow.

Whereas Reiki can deal with all accidents to the skeletal construction with out recourse to any invasive methods, it’s essential that fractures are set earlier than Reiki is utilized to the break. It is because Reiki will start to knit the bone instantly and if it isn’t correctly set, it may end in additional painful surgical procedure.

Case research

Mr.S’s job concerned sitting for lengthy hours at his desk. Over time he had developed extreme ache within the decrease again and was experiencing numbness down his left leg. His leg felt chilly and clammy and his foot appeared pale and cold. When he got here to the Reiki clinic, he was limping and his face was lined with ache and desperation. He sat down with nice problem and squirmed in his seat to discover a place that was least painful. Lastly, he pulled up his legs to his chest and hugged them along with his fingers whereas he pushed his head ahead to his knees and heaved a sigh of aid. His voice was low and strained and he was continually rubbing his left leg as if to revive circulation in it.

A fast scan of his aura indicated that he had power blocks in his root chakra (a deep gray black), and virtually all of the minor chakras on the arch of the foot and knee joint. Because the chakra on the arch of the foot is related to the basis chakra and the photo voltaic plexus Chakra, blocks have been seen in each these (deep gray). Because the chakra on the knee joint is related to the fifth and sixth chakras grayish clouds have been seen on these chakras on the aura degree.

Mr. S revealed that he was in his early sixties and had bought a surgical procedure executed for fusing his vertebrae in his backbone 5 years in the past. The osteopathic therapy for the again ache that adopted had not helped a lot and his Medical doctors had given up hope of giving him aid. Physique scans and x rays confirmed that his bones have been of their right locations and his ache had nothing to do with prolapsed discs or damaged vertebrae. They really useful some extra osteopathic therapy. He was not enthused by the suggestion. The ache was fixed and of late he was experiencing numbness in his leg. As his situation worsened, he grew to become determined and even started to assume that he would quickly die. His world appeared to shrink into his again ache. He couldn’t give attention to his job and he was quick turning into satisfied that he couldn’t proceed in his job. He felt economically threatened and really insecure. He felt that life was not price dwelling if the ache couldn’t be arrested. He was fed up with painkillers and didn’t need to proceed with them.

Reiki had been really useful to him by considered one of his mates, who swore by it. So he had come to the Reiki clinic within the hope that he would discover some assist right here. He then requested pathetically, “Are you able to assure a remedy for me? Do you assume I can dwell a ache free life?”

I assured him that Reiki is a superb clever power and that he would really feel the influence of the power even with the primary sitting. I advised him that we’d have him dancing on the finish of some months. He was a little bit skeptical however consented to attempt it anyway.

Since he was already within the clinic I recommended that we must always start the classes instantly. He agreed and we started. He lay down on his proper aspect and pulled up his legs right into a fetal place to ease the ache. Whereas working the totally different hand positions, I famous that his leg was chilly and clammy. He couldn’t transfer it with ease. There was hardly any power flowing into his leg. Once I questioned him about it, he mentioned that he typically felt that circulation was very poor in his left leg and that the entire leg was very heavy and he had a continuing uninteresting ache radiating from his thigh to his foot.

The primary influence of Reiki is a sense of bone deep leisure. Sufferers have a tendency to go to sleep throughout Reiki. Mr.S too fell asleep and solely awakened once we referred to as him on the finish of the session. He was extraordinarily stunned and mentioned that he had not been conscious of falling asleep and he had slept dreamlessly and painlessly after a very long time. He mentioned the ache additionally appeared to have subsided barely after therapy….

On the finish of the month (after many ups and downs) Mr.S was lastly in a position to say that the ache had subsided sufficiently for him to offer him hope. He was in a position to flip over in mattress with out groaning and moaning and he was in a position to stand for fifteen twenty minutes with out trying round for a straight-backed chair to ease his aching again.

Thereafter, it took virtually seven twenty sooner or later, one hour classes to heal his again and produce again a modicum of circulation to his left leg. From the seventh to the tenth month he acquired weekly classes of 1 hour every to utterly erase the blocks in his foot and knee chakras.

Mr. S is now in a position to lead a traditional life. He is ready to give attention to his work and is anticipating a promotion quickly. He nonetheless involves the clinic to spend the time of day with us and assist out with the opposite sufferers. He is a good asset to us as he tells all of the sufferers who come within the fantastic work Reiki has executed for him. He boosts their confidence and helps us by means of the classes along with his enthusiasm and optimism-which could be very infectious! We’re persuading him to be taught Reiki. He has promised to enroll for the subsequent handy session.

Reiki doesn’t intervene or discourage different types of medical therapy. It enhances and enhances the results of the therapy being acquired. As we speak an enormous quantity of scientific information exists to show that disruption of power move within the physique can lead to aches and pains in numerous components of the physique even when they don’t manifest as bodily issues in x rays, MRI or totally different sorts of physique scans accessible in hospitals. Nonetheless, they can’t be dismissed as a figment of their creativeness. Aura scans can provide a reasonably correct indication of the place the discomfort lies and correcting the power degree on the associated chakra would clear up the issue instantly.


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