Correlation Between Pranayama and Stem Cells Tradition


What are Stem Cells?

  • Stem cells are undifferentiated cells, discovered all through the physique after embryonic improvement. They’ll make equivalent copies of themselves for lengthy durations of time and multiply by cell division to replenish dying cells and regenerate broken tissues for self-renewal and self-healing.
  • The stem cell has distinctive capacity to heal itself. At any time when a tissue is broken, stem cell are activated to supply new cells that may regenerate the broken tissues and revitalize the organ.
  • The stem cells are principally present in mind, spinal twine, blood vessel, bone marrow, peripheral blood, dental pulp, skeletal muscle groups, pores and skin, digestive system, retina, pancreases and cornea.


Pranayama isn’t solely respiration train or a method to extend prana within the physique. It’s a highly effective technique of making yogic energy within the physique.

Pranayama creates further warmth within the physique, it awakens among the centres within the mind and it might additionally carry down the speed of respiration and alter the mind waves. Common apply of Pranayama and respiration workout routines will guarantee correct oxygenation for all components of the physique and remedy many ailments. Correct oxygenation helps in purifying the blood and removing of poisons and carbon dioxide from the kidney.

In line with yogic principle there’s intimate relation between the breath and the mind and their cyclic actives. When one nostril has the dominant air circulation the alternative hemisphere of the mind is dominated. Forceful respiration via the extra congested nostril awakens the much less dominant hemisphere. The circuit of the mind relies on the Ida and Pingla nadis.

Throughout the spinal twine there’s a essential fluid, the cerebrospinal fluid, via Pranayama apply awakening happens in Mooladhar chakra the fluid will get excited.When the cerebrospinal fluid strikes via the vertebral column, it alters the faces of consciousness.

The circuitry for the nadis and chakras exists throughout the central nervous system [CNS], alongside the backbone and within the mind. If we’re in a position to faucet, purify strengthen and reconnect these circuits through the Pranayama strategies we are able to completely remodel, our thoughts/physique complicated.

The overall physique/thoughts complicated capabilities on the facility of three primary energies Ida, Pingla and Sushumna. At any time when the Sushumna Nadi is activated, the particular mind cells instantly speed up the manufacturing of stem cells.

  • Pranayama is a robust approach which prompts the Ajna chakra or third eye chakra. The centralized focusing of prana seems to have an effect on each Nadis concurrently. Ajna chakra or Pineal gland acts as an organiser and controller of all glands.It controls the event of the gland and regulates them. It controls the correct circulation of cerebro- spinal fluid and thus all of the glands and physique develop into revitalised, sturdy and wholesome.
  • Pranayama stimulates the mind to ship the chemical sign to the stem cells situated close to the broken/ diseased cells.
  • The stem cells migrate to the useless/broken cells and because of their capacity of self-renewing they make new cells and revitalize the broken cells.

Thus by Pranayama one can manipulate the stem cells into turning into new cells, and may speed up well being of that organ and revitalize the broken cells to revere the illness.

Whereas scientists are nonetheless trying to find the surprise strategies, theories and medicines to probe the deeper elements of stem cells, Pranayama gives a concise and exact framework via the breath/nadis/chakra system by which we are able to successfully manipulate or stimulate the stem cells for optimum well being and get rid from main ailments.





Source by Geeta Jha

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