The Aura and the Aurora


The Auras of Galaxies

Science observes that galaxies are surrounded by huge halos of darkish matter. Curiously an identical statement was made by a Hindu mystic, half a century in the past. He too noticed halos round galaxies – however they had been something however darkish or invisible. He says:

“The divine dispersion of rays poured from an everlasting Supply, blazing into galaxies, transfigured with ineffable auras.” – Paramahansa Yogananda, 1946

The time period “aura” is continuously utilized in metaphysics to imply a coloured radiation emanating from an object. Spherical halos round saints, as depicted in sure work, are thought-about auras across the head area. What had been invisible halos to scientists appeared as a colourful aura across the galaxies to this saint, as he noticed them half a century in the past. Was he seeing what our scientific devices couldn’t see – the darkish matter counterparts of those galaxies? Paramahansa Yogananda additionally noticed in 1946 that the “astral luminaries resemble the aurora borealis”. Primarily based on plasma metaphysics, it’s straightforward to see that the aura is generated in an identical course of because the aurora.

The Aurora

Kristian Birkeland put ahead the auroral idea which is now extensively accepted by scientists. In keeping with him, electrically charged particles ejected from sunspots are captured by Earth’s magnetic area and directed alongside the sphere’s strains into the polar areas. The charged particles observe spiral or helical tracks in regards to the strains of power. The incoming particles excite the atoms and molecules within the air and ionize them – stripping them into their non-neutral constituents. This ends in the colourful shows which are related to auroras.

Birkeland used a easy system to show his idea – he positioned a sphere containing an electromagnet inside a big vacuum chamber, which represented the area across the Earth and its magnetic area. He then shot clouds of electrons towards this simulated Earth to supply a light-weight phenomenon that regarded just like the aurora. This configuration is precisely the identical as in a delicate physique, as defined under.

Anatomy of the Refined Physique

In keeping with plasma metaphysics, the delicate physique is a physique of magnetic plasma (or “magma”). It sits inside an ovoid which has a plasma “auric” sheath round it (equal to the sphere within the Birkeland system) and comprises a magnetized central channel (equal to the electromagnet within the Birkeland system).

How is the Aura generated?

The aura that’s radiated by a delicate physique is generated by a process not not like the one which generates the aurora borealis. There’s a tendency for charged particles to observe magnetic strains of power. The energetic charged tremendous particles (recognized as “qi”, “prana” or “kundalini” particles) rush in the direction of the varied nodes of the chakras (which comprise intense magnetic fields) at very excessive speeds. They spiral round helical paths simply earlier than they’re absorbed by the chakras close to the pinnacle and ft (the “poles”) and different chakras across the physique. Whereas doing so, they generate a light-weight phenomenon within the delicate our bodies – very very similar to that of the aurora borealis.

Anybody who compares the Kirlian photographs (or representations) of human auras (or who can really see them) with the aurora borealis will little doubt discover a sturdy resemblance. Nevertheless, whereas the aurora is a pure plasma gentle present comprising normal particles (i.e. particles described within the physicists’ “Commonplace Mannequin”) – the aura is a pure plasma gentle present of tremendous (i.e. supersymmetric) particles!


The electromagnetic processes that give rise to the aurora borealis are the identical as these which give rise to the human aura. If that is accepted, then it additionally confirms that delicate our bodies are composed of a magnetic plasma of tremendous particles – which is at present categorised below darkish matter.

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