Indigo Adults


We all know that the “youngsters of the blue ray” have an inherent attraction towards each other. This can be a bodily phenomenon having to do with their very massive and expansive bio-electromagnetic-photic area that surrounds these people. A Blue Ray (Indigo) particular person has a area that’s simply measured with dowsing rods starting wherever from 6 to 54 ft off of the bodily physique. When they’re wherever close to others of their similar sort, they sense a bounding energetic resonance with the opposite being as their fields work together. They gaze into the opposite’s eyes and by some means acknowledge the  essence of themselves wanting again. The sense of household, security and belief is profound and palpable. There isn’t any want for a “get to know” interval. They’ve recognized one another for millennia and the same old niceties of societal ritual are pointless. At first their notion of the bio-electromagnetic-photic fields mixing with the others’ is that of a sexual attraction. That feeling is the template on which these sensations are normally positioned as a result of these sensations have seemingly solely been skilled in that context earlier than. However that is completely different. If the particular person feeling that is straight and the opposite particular person is of the identical intercourse, this may trigger confusion. If the opposite particular person occurs to be an Indigo baby, one may really feel as if they’re experiencing pedophilic tendencies.

These likelihood conferences if remembered in any respect for actually what they’re by Indigo adults are uncommon. Most brush them off as being moments of sexual “chemistry” particularly if they’re felt with the other intercourse. In addition to, the eyes during which they’re staring into are unusually deep, clever, normally almond formed and have fantastically distinctive and vivid iris colours. Whereas their eyes are locked in a cosmic gaze they may even be noticing sensations registering of their chakric facilities involving their whole physique. This may be fairly stunning and disturbing at first. It truly could be the primary energetic awakening they’ve ever skilled as many of those adults might have beforehand thought they’d a low intercourse drive or had been experiencing a scarcity of sexual efficiency. Indigos are energetically hybrids and completely different from these of the non-Indigo persuasion. Their energetic programs will not be stimulated in the identical method if they don’t seem to be with their very own sort. Most have solely been with different non-Indigos and by some means really feel as in the event that they merely will not be able to totally responding in what is taken into account a “regular” method. Starting in infancy, many can’t tolerate the contact from a non-Indigo being. The bio-resonance synchronization of the bio-electromagnetic-photic fields is important for these beings to be bodily snug being touched by one other human. They haven’t any drawback loving up animals and mixing with their fields nevertheless. The contact have to be perceived as pure and unconditional.  

By the mid 40’s, most but nonetheless unaware “Blue Ray” beings (Indigos) can rely on one hand the variety of instances they may have had this type of likelihood encounter with one other Indigo being. Having comparable unusual and misunderstood emotions by this age is frequent for them and so they have discovered to low cost these experiences. Because the grownup Indigo strikes nearer to understanding who and what they’re, if they’re in a relationship with a non-Indigo, that relationship will normally expertise extreme pressure because the Indigo companion is drawn to completely different folks and knowledge that can additional help of their awakening course of. The depth of this non-sexual intimacy that’s shared between two Indigos far surpasses something the act of bodily intercourse can present. That is troublesome to clarify and defend to a non-Indigo who can understand however misread this uncommon attraction their companion could be experiencing with another person.

If two Indigos are fortunate sufficient to have discovered one another, their bond will likely be like no different they’ve skilled on this dimension up to now. It’s as if one completes the others’ circuitry. Their energetic programs merge; they expertise telepathic communication continually and persistently. As soon as they study to belief each other and lay down their armor, shields and spears that they’ve relied on to outlive on this actuality, they will attain a stage of confidence the place easy agreements turn into vows. That is what they’ve been eager for all through. To lastly discover one other who will deal with them with the identical stage of honesty and integrity that they’ve insisted on from themselves and demonstrated to others all through. A way of coming dwelling for the very first time deeply resonates with these pals/. Indigo adults have gotten extra frequent, those that have awoken to their distinctive identification are nonetheless uncommon. The world is altering earlier than our eyes and the ever growing vibration that’s shifting this course of ahead is fueling the awakening course of. Research the Indigo traits and traits which can be extra generally assigned to the youngsters. Flip the mirror on your self and different adults whom you may already be suspicious. When you turn into extra inherently acquainted with these of this persuasion, it is possible for you to to determine them instantly, even when they do not have a clue themselves what you’re speaking about. Expose them to the listing of Indigo traits and traits, questionnaires, study to measure their bio-electromagnetic-photic area with dowsing rods and convey them to locations corresponding to ley strains and vortexes the place their cable-ready energetic programs can come alive and confirm your suspicions whereas undeniably validating them. We’d like all fingers on deck for what lays a head. It’s time to get up the lots that also lie dormant of their slumber. 

Janine Talty, D.O., M.P.H.


Source by Dr. Janine Talty, DO

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