Reiki Dos and Don’ts


In case you practise Reiki lengthy sufficient you’re certain to bump right into a bunch of huge don’ts.

Do not Reiki the folks with jewelry on.

Do not Reiki the crown of the top.

Do not Reiki girls who’re pregnant.

Do not Reiki the backbone and so forth.

Generally they get much more foolish, like ‘Do not Reiki anybody if you’re sporting purple’.

As ridiculous as a few of these don’ts sounds, they’re often backed up with simply sufficient rational clarification to make you marvel.

Crimson, as an example, is the colour of the foundation chakra and – in response to some – giving it Reiki would possibly inadvertently get the Kundalini vitality (mendacity on the base of the backbone) to stand up when an individual is not prepared for it.

Since this, genuinely, may cause folks issues if their physique is not energetically ready, then you definitely start to wonder if the speculation – regardless of how loopy it sounds – may not have some validity.

Fortuitously, virtually each do not in Reiki is definitely short-circuited by a quite simple level: that it’s the recipient who determines how a lot vitality flows – and never the giver.

Consider the recipient like somebody sucking on an ‘energetic straw’. In the event that they suck onerous, plenty of vitality will stream. In the event that they suck gently, not a lot will stream.

It’s all as much as them and the one factor a Reiki healer can do is present the chance for vitality to stream. And the higher the healer, the higher the potential of a better vitality stream.

What this implies is that there’s a security valve constructed into the system, as a result of a person will solely ever absorb as a lot vitality as is wholesome for her or him. Taking in additional could be like pushing a dagger into your flesh – not one thing you’re prone to do.

If you’re speaking to somebody who cannot settle for this line of logic, you would possibly prefer to get them to outline ‘Reiki’. In the event that they know something concerning the origin of the phrase they’ll inform you that probably the most literal translation (that is smart) is ‘religious’ (Rei) ‘vitality’ (ki). Does it make a lot sense for this ‘religious vitality’ to be a harmful pressure?

I feel not.

So subsequent time you’re anxious about giving somebody Reiki, keep in mind that it will possibly by no means damage them.

It may not be the correct time to present them vitality. It would by no means be the correct time to present them vitality. But when an unintended Reiki drop fell their means, I would not lose any sleep.

If a drop fell, they summoned it.

(Word: Whereas Reiki cannot hurt anybody, it will possibly actually produce a ‘therapeutic disaster’. This could convey on emotional upheaval, bodily misery and different issues; however finally it’s good for the person. Consider it as one thing just like the cleaning course of that takes place when somebody undergoes a quick. They may get complications, pimples, rashes and all types of different disagreeable issues; however as soon as the cleaning is completed they really feel higher than ever earlier than. Likewise with Reiki.)

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