Introduction to Scorching Stone Therapeutic massage Remedy


Scorching stone therapeutic massage with using water-heated stones to warmth and therapeutic massage your physique has turn out to be more and more common over the previous few years. This use of heated water to deal with the physique, referred to as thermal hydrotherapy, deeply relaxes your muscle tissue and relieves stress.

Most therapeutic massage therapists use basalt stones, as a result of they’re non-porous and easy and retain warmth longer than different forms of stones. These lovely stones are available in varied sizes. The therapeutic massage therapist positions bigger placement stones in a single spot on the physique for an prolonged time, whereas utilizing smaller tooling stones to carry out particular therapeutic massage strokes.

The strokes are usually sluggish and delicate, in a manner that many individuals discover grounding, comforting, and calming. Some therapeutic massage therapists use scorching stones for power work by putting them alongside the physique’s meridians (power strains) or on the chakras (power factors). Inserting the stones at these key factors can stimulate motion of the power often called qi or chi and assist launch the consequences of stress and facilitate therapeutic.

Different potential advantages of scorching stone therapeutic massage embody the discharge of poisons, aid of ache, and improved circulation. The mixed therapeutic properties of therapeutic massage and warmth carry many consumers who’ve a scorching stone therapeutic massage as soon as again for extra.

Utilizing the Stones

To warmth the stones, the therapeutic massage therapist makes use of a professionally designed heater with a thermometer for checking the water temperature. The water temperature is usually between 110 and 130 levels Fahrenheit. As a result of everybody has completely different sensitivity to warmth, it is essential for the therapist to ensure the temperature of the stones is suitable for you. All the time let your therapist know if the stones really feel too scorching.

When utilizing placement stones, the therapist will put a barrier, akin to a flannel sheet or terry material towel, between them and your pores and skin to keep away from the danger of a burn.

To keep up and clear the stones, therapists use completely different methods. Some wash the stones and alter the water after each shopper. Others use a spa oxidizer that breaks down micro organism within the scorching water, retaining the stones sanitized all day. Then on the finish of the day, the therapist empties the heating unit and washes and sanitizes all of the tools.

Chilly Stone Therapeutic massage and Distinction Remedy

Along with scorching stones, some therapeutic massage therapists use chilly stones. These marble stones are hand minimize to be used in chilly stone remedy, which is very helpful for harm and irritation. Chilly stones also can invigorate the physique or have a cooling impact on scorching days or for warm flashes.

Another choice is alternating cold and warm stones, a way referred to as distinction remedy. Distinction remedy takes benefit of the advantages of each warmth and chilly. The contrasting temperatures develop and constrict the blood vessels, stimulating blood movement and lymphatic drainage.

Cautions and Contraindications

To make it possible for scorching stone therapeutic massage is secure for you, at all times inform your therapeutic massage therapist about all of your medical situations and anything affecting your physique. If you’re pregnant, have hypertension, coronary heart illness, diabetes or are underneath a healthcare supplier’s look after a severe medical situation, seek the advice of your supplier earlier than receiving a scorching stone therapeutic massage.

Warmth can worsen some pores and skin situations, akin to eczema, rashes, and psoriasis. Keep away from warmth if you’re taking remedy that causes pores and skin hypersensitivity (akin to antibiotics or Accutane for pimples). Be cautious about any space that’s numb. Keep away from warmth on varicose veins, open wounds, contaminated pores and skin situations, or irritation.

On the whole, keep away from chilly stones when you have hypertension, coronary heart illness, circulatory issues, diminished sensation, or nerve harm. Additionally, keep away from chilly stones in your stomach when you have belly misery (discomfort, ache, bloating, fuel, cramping, constipation, or diarrhea). Nevertheless, heat stones moved in a round, clockwise course could assist relieve these signs.

Get pleasure from Your Therapeutic massage!

Now that you understand the advantages of scorching stone therapeutic massage and perceive when it is secure to obtain one, name your native therapeutic massage therapist and benefit from the enjoyable and therapeutic results of the penetrating warmth of a scorching stone therapeutic massage.


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