Divinity of Intercourse and Astrology


Does astrology predict marriage or launch of sexual vitality? What’s the relationship amongst intercourse, spirituality and marriage?

We usually predict marriage by judging 2-7-11 home in a horoscope and located it to be fairly dependable. However “Whether or not the mix of 2-7-11 homes denotes marriage or sexual union”? When this query begins haunting me, I used to be not conscious that my instinct was opening a tin of worms, which is not going to let me sleep for nights. I begin discovering the solutions from my astrological information, however I quickly understood that with out my understanding of varied healings strategies, Vedic and religious information, previous life regression remedy, it might be not possible for me to achieve the specified reply.

From the query of misinterpretation of varied Vedic sutra or factors relating to marriage, to varied rituals and custom linked to marriage in several cultures via out the world, homosexual and lesbian relationships discovering their recognition and acceptance within the trendy time all around the planet, growing quantum of illicit affairs, problems with polygamy, dwelling relationships, unfastened intercourse lives discovering their manner within the society, change of intercourse companions, rise in prostitution and sexual incompetence, all of the sudden begin creeping in my thoughts and there I resolve to know this idea by taking the assistance of consciousness. The ceremony known as marriage is linked with varied angles like physiology, psychology, and sociology, and sexology, social and religious angles. To grasp all of the above we are going to focus on the seven CHAKRA system, idea of 4 PURUSHARTHAS and 5 forms of our bodies i.e., PANCHKOSHA vis-à-vis the twelve homes of astrology.

However earlier than I begin with these intimately, I wish to make clear sure factors. Firstly I’m taking home based mostly astrology for these evaluations. Throughout my examine of astrology, I’ve discovered that placidus system is just like the legislation of universe and planetary system is the life in universe at sure level of time and area. I very nicely perceive that there’s nothing known as time and type in area, so I’ll go together with the timeless, formless idea of placidus system. Secondly these opinions want additional analysis and all essential, vital views are welcome. Thirdly it isn’t attainable to perform all points of human life linked with marriage and astrology on this article, however I’ll attempt to spotlight the details for the good thing about readers and researchers on this subject. We have now to put down new norms, new significations to know the idea of intercourse, marriage and spirituality via astrology. We have now to drop our restricted perception system and merge into huge consciousness to know the divine goal behind human life. We have now to know intercourse as life pressure, marriage as karmic tie up, accomplice as a soul, youngsters in context of creation and household as a soul group with a standard goal. Then solely we’d have the ability to clear up this puzzle of life via divine astrology.

To sum up the human life, we will classify the legislation of universe into two teams.

• Legislation of Karma

• Legislation of Reincarnation.

Legislation of Karma: Being born and purchased up beneath the divine information of varied occult sciences in India, all of us have some or element information about legislation of karma. To simplify it pertains to trigger and impact. That’s to each motion there’s equal and reverse creation or so known as response. From this we will very nicely perceive our varied relationships with our self as a topic or soul and different particular person in life. The establishment known as marriage can also be abided by this legislation. The seventh home is nothing however denoting reverse intercourse, our second self, high quality of bodily vitality, will to dwell, non permanent or illusionary confrontations, launch of sexual vitality and our everyday affairs that want our bodily vitality. This home is tenth from tenth and therefore we will perceive the legislation of karma higher from right here. It’s karma home for implementation of our ego, will or the outer world. Which may be the rationale our historic students, saints might need thought of it to be the home of spouse, life accomplice and one of many home to be thought of for marriage additionally.

To me, the event, alternative, one who is simply the opposite self of us, from whom we now have to exert our bodily vitality, who ever is linked with the need to dwell is denoted by the seventh home. And from the traditional days to trendy time, who’s that if not the life accomplice, soul accomplice, or the enterprise accomplice. So the phrase half or accomplice is extra vital for this home and never marriage, the reason is it’s the operational home for tenth. To sum up I’ll solely say that it’s the home from which the prarabdh operates and the place your bodily vitality resides, life points live.

Legislation of Karma operates via 5 ranges of our bodies. Within the holy textual content of Vedas these 5 ranges are named as PANCHKOSHA. They’re

1. Annamaya Kosha = Bodily physique = 1, Four,7,10 homes.

2. Pranmaya Kosha = Vitality physique = Related to all 12 homes.

Three. Manomaya Kosha = Psychological physique = 2, 5,Eight,11 homes.

Four. Vigyanmaya Kosha = Information physique = Three, 6,9,12 homes.

5. Ananandmaya Kosha= Bliss physique = Disintegration of Individuation.

Since Legislation of Karma operates via varied ranges of physique, all of the karma (PRARABDHA, SANCHIT, and KRIYANMAYA) could function individually or together. That is additionally true in case of intercourse or marriage. That is the principle cause behind varied degree of sexual actions vis-à-vis our varied modes, traditions, customs, hunches, companions and areas. It is rather true that intercourse is the completion, complementary, compulsion or balancing of yin and yang. In conventional astrology this yin and yang has been expressed by the vitality of Mars and Venus whereas within the western astrology it’s portrayed by solar and moon. By understanding these variable vitality ranges we will simply discover the ruling planets behind marriage, intercourse, love, wedlock, puberty and even celibacy state. We are able to simply discover out whether or not this union is as religious because the union of shiva and parvati or mere at bodily degree. We are able to perceive whether or not it is just a psychological exhaustion, change of vitality, bodily act, and launch of karmic points or an act of consciousness. This will likely clear up our varied questions relating to intercourse, love, wedlock and marriage via astrology.

Legislation of Reincarnation: Legislation of reincarnation states that earth is sort of a massive faculty. We’re right here to know, expertise our life classes, and to once more merge into consciousness. The traditional SUTRA of AHAM BRAHMASMI to be understood or implied afresh and closing liberation or MOKSHA to be skilled as god like energy of recreation. Our historic information of SHASHTRA says that all of us are right here to be taught this by our 4 PURUSHARTHA or classes. These are Artha, Kama, Dharma and Moksha.

After meditation, astrology is the primary and the final try to know these purusharthas. In legislation of karma we now have mentioned varied sorts of our bodies which play an vital function in marriage or intercourse. Now we are going to attempt to perceive our purusharta by which we will launch our karma and attain Moksha. In line with astrology these mixture of varied homes signifies our 4 purusharta.

1. DHARMA 1-5-9 homes.

2. ARTHA 2-6-10 homes.

Three. KAMA Three-7-11 homes.

Four. MOKSHA Four-Eight-12 homes.

KAMA Three-7-11:

Kama is expressed via the religious airplane (Third home), Bodily airplane (Seventh home) and Psychological Airplane (Eleventh home).

Everyone knows that seventh home is the home of spouse, accomplice, sexual affairs and different associated issues. Right here on this article since we’re dealing this topic from the (placidus) existence standpoint, allow us to perceive the seventh home psychologically. It’s the home of high quality of bodily vitality or our will to dwell on this bodily airplane. It’s ninth from eleventh, which denotes the poorvbhagya of eleventh and eleventh is the home of positive aspects, success of wishes, related to the particular person’s sense of self throughout the bodily world. Being eleventh from ninth, seventh home additionally denotes the implementation of poorvbhagya of the native. Lastly it’s third home from the fifth, denoting the extension of creativity. IN KALAPURUSH we now have mounted the TULA rasi at seventh place denoting the stability of male or feminine vitality or the stability of yin and yang. These few info are sufficient to know the seventh home because the vitality pump for this bodily life. So in love, marriage or wedlock at any time when we want this physicality, we take this seventh home into consideration.

Third home is one other facet linked with Kama. Usually we see second home for household. However I feel the third home which is second to second, ninth to seventh and fifth to eleventh is extra acceptable to look at because it represents affiliation, prolonged arms, confidence, and bondages. It’s the home to take duty for ones wants. The new child is delivered to the breast, however should suck earlier than nourishment is gained. This similar precept holds all through life. Because the particular person matures, the success of his wants rests an increasing number of upon himself. It’s the home the place maturity is reached and when this home capabilities correctly, one ceases responsible others for one’s lacks in life and goes out to create what one wants and wishes. Being poorvbhagya to seventh it destines our Kama equations vis-à-vis the seventh home. Who can deny that one who enters wedlock or union an affiliation begins, maturity in the direction of one self and different self comes and a brand new creation from the positive aspects begins. Within the division of KALAPURUSH, we now have put MITHUN rasi at third home, which denotes nothing however union or maithun. This home is sufficient to perceive spiritually whether or not it’s a dwelling relationship, marriage, sexual union, and one time affair or life time alternative. Kama is extra religious than bodily subject. That is the one level the place we misunderstood Kama and begin trying the fructification via second home.

Probably the most mysterious home among the many twelve homes is the eleventh home. In context of Kama Purusharta, it’s fifth from seventh and eleventh from third, denoting the creation of seventh and poorvbhagya of third. Whether or not this creation or assimilation will materialize or not might be judged by this home solely. To me eleventh home is related to the particular person’s sense of self throughout the society, his occupation and together with his friends. If a horoscope is just not snug on this space of life, then this discomfort could very nicely be lined by delight to compensate for lack of shallowness. That is the home, who will resolve when, why, by which medium the need will floor. In KALAPURUSH we now have positioned KUMBH rasi right here which signifies pitcher or container. The eleventh home materializes at psychological degree which is deeply linked with our soul vitality subject. No matter we select to be taught on this life is linked with this home. Who will deny that to each equation in life there’s a hidden lesson behind and as soon as this lesson is learnt the difficulty is over? The retrials, every day sexual union, high quality and satisfaction of Kama, allow them to be it bodily or spiritually, it’s indicated by this home.

Coming again to the principle subject, within the gentle of all above we will perceive varied bodily, psychological and religious points linked with our theme. Begin with understanding whether or not you’re resolving intercourse, marriage, love or wedlock.

• If we’re on the lookout for the growth of household, then we now have to think about the second home with seventh and eleventh. Second is addition to first, denoting addition or capability of addition. But when we’re speaking concerning the Kama purusharta, we should always have a look at third, as a substitute of second home. Marriage could occur at least one time, it could not occur additionally, however intercourse predominantly occur disregard to customized known as marriage. Bal vivah can also be an instance with out growth of household or intercourse.

• If we’re speaking concerning the high quality of bodily vitality we should always take seventh home into consideration and if we’re speaking concerning the high quality of sexual vitality then we should always take eight homes into consideration. Individuals with plenty of bodily vitality could or could not have or use their sexual vitality. It’s a well-known proven fact that sexual urge or vitality could die earlier than the bodily loss of life.

• If we’re contemplating the change (receiving and giving) of psychological, bodily, religious pleasures, then we should always take sixth home in consideration. Elaborate your pondering from the standard idea that sixth is the negation of seventh. Twelfth home of each home denotes change and never negation or denial in full sense. Whether or not we can change the vitality or not might be determined by sixth home. Sixth can also be eleventh to eighth.

• Eleventh is just not end result or acquire or success of want. Eleventh home denotes sense of self with the outer world. You could really feel glad with and with out sexual activity. In query of unnatural strategies of sexual pleasures, this home can play an vital function. In any case we’re solely involved with the sense of self.

• In case you are on the lookout for the center or feeling of affection for others or openness to life search for the forth home and if wish to examine relating to pleasure be it religious or linked with knowledge or consciousness, take fifth home into consideration.

• For Ego, will or the outer world, have a look at the tenth home. The response with outer world relating to our love or openness can also be judged by this home. The guts emotions of the opposite self could connect with the act and will not connect with this act.

• Lastly if you wish to examine the flexibility to hold out your concepts in sensible manner, decide twelfth home. It’s seventh from the home of deep trance that’s sixth.

Now, I feel by understanding all these homes, we might be ready to investigate precisely concerning the divine sport known as intercourse. Initially I wished to analyze and authenticate this subject additional with revered to kundalini, seven chakra system and interpretation of 11 homes energetically to know intimately. Resulting from time and area constrain, I’ll take up these for the subsequent subject.


Source by Acharya Anuj Jain

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