Polarity Remedy, Therapeutic and Sexuality


So – What do sexuality, polarity remedy and therapeutic have in widespread? The rapid false impression is that our sexuality (sexual habits, sexual ideas, inside visible pictures, sexual associate desire and selection, body-concept, arousal sample, degree of need, and so forth.) may be separated from who we’re, how we expect and what’s going on physiologically in our physique. The second false impression is that therapeutic occurs piecemeal, that we will “heal” or change one physique half or one side of our mind-body-spirit with out affecting each different half. Our physique is a hologram, each half impacts and displays each different half. The third false impression is that therapeutic equals perfection (good well being, good relationship, good funds, an ideal life). Our physique is a metaphor, a bodily illustration of our ideas, actions and responses, revealing to us what we have to take note of, change or study. I keep in mind listening to about AIDS sufferers, on their deathbed, claiming that they have been “therapeutic.” They weren’t therapeutic their bodily our bodies as a result of they have been dying. But they have been therapeutic one thing – maybe their relationships, maybe their accepting the love that was at all times there, maybe realizing their very own loving potential, or maybe therapeutic or letting go of their sense of management and superiority as a mere mortal being.

Contact Heals.

Contact is the primary sense to develop and one of many final to fade. Contact triggers the discharge of endorphins, hormones that assist to suppress ache and make us really feel good. In actual fact, there’s one gene in our physique, ornithisnecoborulase, that’s solely turned on by way of contact.

Quite a few research concerning the therapeutic results of therapeutic massage, performed by the Contact Analysis Institute in Miami, Florida and different places, by psychologist Tiffany Area, Ph.D. and her colleagues, point out that contact lowers stress hormones and will increase ranges of serotonin, which is simply what many anti-depression medicine do. Massaging contact (15 minutes, three occasions per week, for five weeks) has been proven to alleviate and handle ache, enhance circulation and respiratory, decrease coronary heart price and blood stress, lower anxiousness and stress, improve flexibility, leisure, vitality, and physique consciousness, elevate temper, and even enhance efficiency of mathematical calculations. Research at The Upledger Craniosacral Institute in Palm Seaside Gardens, Florida, have indicated that craniosacral remedy may also help shoppers to heal from submit traumatic stress dysfunction, autism, migraines, and lots of different bodily and psychological illnesses.

Sexuality Heals.

In 1994, the 14th World Congress of Sexology adopted The Declaration of Sexual Rights, which declared: “Sexual pleasure, together with autoeroticism, is a supply of bodily, psychological, mental and religious well-being.” (WAS, 1994. The Well being Advantages of Sexual Expression, White Paper. April 2003. Revealed by Katharine Dexter McCormick Library, Deliberate Parenthood Basis of American). Common sexual exercise has been proven to cut back anxiousness and stress, enhance health and mind stimulation, decrease blood stress, relieve ache, enhance sleep, improve immunity, enhance longevity, and promote peak religious experiences.

Regular sexual response will depend on the interaction of sensual stimulation (sight, sound, scent, style and contact) and vascular and neuromuscular actions, precipitated and mediated by hormones and neurotransmitters. Sexual attraction, need, arousal, orgasm and tendency towards bonding outcome from a fragile and fragile mixture of occasions.

Sexual need is a mental-emotional-sensational occasion which can function individually from our pure sexual functioning. In different phrases, our physique could possibly carry out sexually with out our feeling need or we might really feel sexual need with out changing into

physiologically aroused.

The numerous hormones within the sexual response cycle are:

Attraction, Sexual Want and Tendency Towards Bonding

o DHEA – androgen precursor to testosterone, estrogen and pheromones which stimulates limbic arousal in women and men

o Dopamine – situated within the mesolimbic “pleasure heart,” presumed to boost sexual response, bonding and monogamy

o Vasopressin – a peptide hormone, launched within the mind throughout sexual response, will increase pair bonding and aggression by males towards different males


o Estrogen – retains vaginal ph decrease, will increase variety of lactobacillus (good micro organism, and will increase blood movement however elevated estrogen can lower sexual need

o Progesterone – balances estrogen in order that oxytocin may be excessive however may additionally

inhibit testosterone

o Testosterone – androgen, a threshold degree is required for sexual arousal

o Choline – precursor of neurotransmitter acetylcholine, important for reminiscence, muscle management and cardiovascular well being, it transfers the sexual arousal messages to the genital arteries and releases nitrous oxide (mandatory for

penile erection and clitoral swelling

o Epinephrine and Norepinephrine – stress hormones, enhance throughout sexual exercise

Orgasm and Put up-Orgasm Tendency Towards Bonding

o PEA – amphetamine-like stimulant whose ranges spike at orgasm and ovulation and mediate emotions of romance and love

o Oxytocin – the cuddle hormone, spikes at orgasm resulting in submit orgasm inertia facilitating attraction, contact sensation and bonding

*Word – Impact elevated by estrogen and yohimbine and decreased by alcohol

o Prolaction – launched after orgasm to offer the physique a relaxation, it inhibits urge for food in addition to sexual need, arousal and orgasm,

o Serotonins – creates enjoyable, dreamy, after-sex glow and sleeping higher

*Word – serotonin can inhibit launch of dopamine, reducing sexual response

Medicine that enhance serotonin are related to anorgasmia and delayed ejaculation

o Endorphins – really feel good hormones, relieve ache, stimulate immune system

Wholesome sexual functioning includes ample neural alerts from the central nervous system and an optimum steadiness throughout the autonomic nervous system, fluctuating between the stress response (activation of the sympathetic nervous system) and the comfort response (activation of the parasympathetic nervous system).

Sexual arousal (vaginal lubrication and penile erection) is a neuro-vascular occasion mediated by the autonomic nervous system. Satisfactory central nervous system stimulation triggers the male erection reflex at spinal twine segments S2, S3, and S4. Satisfactory parasympathetic stimulation triggers the comfort of easy muscle groups and blood movement throughout the penis in addition to feminine vaginal tissue engorgement and lubrication.

Orgasm and ejaculation are neuromuscular occasions. They require ample central nervous system stimulation to set off the male ejaculation reflex at a number of spinal twine ranges, receptors within the pores and skin of the penis, firing of the pudendal nerve inflicting compression of the penile urethra and rhythmic easy muscle contractions and vascular constriction in addition to feminine orgasmic response, the same however extra diffuse response which may be mediated by the vagus nerve.

Polarity Remedy Heals

Dr. Randolph Stone developed a complete system of therapeutic, Polarity Remedy, that assists us to acknowledge, perceive and implement the therapeutic course of from the within out and the surface in. Dr. Stone travelled the world, gathering analysis and details about therapeutic. He studied theories and practices of chiropractic, naturopathy, osteopathy, homeopathy, ayurvedic, Conventional Chinese language Drugs, vitality therapeutic together with meridians and chakras, astrology, Vedic scriptures, historical Airtight philosophy, and different esoteric teachings and views.

Dr. Stone noticed the physique with all its aches and pains and bodily issues as a manifestation of our ideas and beliefs, “As we expect, so we’re.” He considered well being as freely flowing, uninterrupted life vitality and illness as imbalance and blockage of energetic movement. He noticed our our bodies and our lives, in truth the complete universe, as a hologram, interconnected and mirroring, “As above, so beneath; as inside, so with out.” Dr. Stone taught that therapeutic happens when the required modifications and transformations have occurred, first within the unconscious thoughts and in probably the most refined and least dense side of the energetic area after which steadily, slowly stepping down into the dense tissues of the physique and its organ programs. He taught concerning the profound results and psychological meanings of the 5 tattvas or parts (ether, air, hearth, water and earth).

Dr. Stone found that the human vitality area is affected by every thing that impacts our senses (contact, sight, sounds, style and scent) in addition to the ways in which we transfer or prohibit our bodily our bodies and the ways in which we work together with the environment and every thing in it (vegetation, animals, and other people). He additionally emphasised the continuous enlargement and contraction, yin and yang, manifested cyclically all through the universe, inside our personal our bodies and in our interactions with the world and the folks in it.

As polarity remedy practitioners we all know that our fingers are vitality conductors, that as we contact our shoppers’ our bodies they reply to our contact and in addition to our consciousness, and that our shoppers’ mind-body-spirit has its personal intelligence and self-regulating capability. Our shoppers’ programs already know what they want to ensure that therapeutic to happen. As practitioners, our job is to facilitate the unfolding of this beautiful understanding.

How Can Polarity Remedy Help Shoppers With Relationship and Sexual Issues?

This text started with some feedback concerning the profoundly unfavourable impact researchers and therapists are discovering as an increasing number of folks, particularly males, turn into compulsively hooked up to web pornography. As an alternative of coping with present life issues, pictures of scantily clad our bodies quickly pacify the angst, stressed thoughts, insecurities and anxieties, performing as a stimulus as sturdy as probably the most addictive medicine. On the identical time, relationships are being uncared for and undermined. One other epidemic on this nation is using correctly prescribed prescribed drugs for nearly every thing, from aid of ache to decreasing anxiousness, to assuaging stressed leg syndrome. For sexual arousal difficulties, males now have a number of little tablets to take along with such paraphernalia as a vacuum pump and papavarine injections into the penis (whatever the man’s state of emotional and bodily well being, the standard of his motion or the contents of his food regimen). Ladies are being supplied surgical procedures for vaginal vestibulitis (vaginal irritation) and the opportunity of a brand new tablet to enhance sexual need (whatever the functioning of her physique or the dynamics of her relationships).

Polarity remedy practitioners can have a profound and life remodeling impact on shoppers who current with sexual and relationship points. These shoppers normally don’t perceive the holographic interconnection amongst their ideas, emotions, bodily actions, dietary habits, emotional state and relationships. Starting with commentary of the physique, the postural presentation, the tone of voice, facial features, muscular pressure patterns in addition to the emotional content material of the shopper’s story, the polarity therapist already has some understanding of the doable underlying energetic blockages. Following his or her intuitive understanding, the polarity therapist can start the method of touching the shopper and permitting the vitality to unwind and movement. This course of will naturally permit the pituitary gland to reinstate a balanced movement of hormones and neurotransmitters as wanted.

Throughout this course of, the shopper might reveal some important previous life or earlier on this life emotional or bodily traumas, confusions or unresolved dilemmas. The therapist can uncover which tattva is most out of steadiness or which chakra is blocked. By listening with full consideration and trustworthy intention to help the therapeutic course of, the therapist can engender belief and openness within the shopper.

Sexual points are very private, non-public and sometimes reveal a way of embarrassment, disgrace, humiliation, distortion, cognitive dissonance or full denial. I extremely advocate investing in a number of session classes with an authorized and certified intercourse therapist to get a extra complete understanding of the depth of a shopper’s points and the way they are often dealt with. As a polarity therapist, you may also work at the side of a intercourse therapist, offering perception into the emotional and energetic underpinnings and helping the shopper to open up sufficient in your classes in order that she or he can convey that newly uncovered materials right into a psychotherapy session for better illumination.

Intercourse therapists normally don’t make the most of contact with their shoppers. They might encourage their shoppers to do some touching homework assignments with their sexual companions within the privateness of their very own bed room, however the contact is normally targeted on sensual and sexual arousal. The contact utilized by polarity therapists has a special function and focus. Polarity therapists contact shoppers to help the energetic movement all through the shopper’s physique. There isn’t any agenda that this or that ought to occur. There’s solely contact, commentary and permitting, typically encouraging, the vitality to maneuver and movement the place it must go.


Source by Erica Goodstone, Ph.D.

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