The Neglected Overloaded Chakra


Chakras are believed to be vitality facilities within the physique that each point out and affect a person’s bodily and emotional wellbeing. One false impression that I come throughout very often is that chakras are both “blocked” or “wholesome.” In my expertise as an vitality healer, that’s not true. I’ve encountered many situations in my follow the place a chakra appears to have an extra of vitality. That chakra is commonly neighbored by a weaker or “blocked” chakra. It’s as if the particular person has an brisk dam of their system that’s holding vitality in sure chakras and never permitting it to circulation adequately to others.

One answer for this that I realized from a Qi Gong Grasp is to run a hand over the physique within the space of the 2 chakras in a round movement. As an illustration, I usually see a block between the photo voltaic plexus chakra and the center chakra so one may rub a circle from their breastbone to their higher stomach. This may assist stimulate the vitality to circulation into the blocked or weakened chakra.

So how have you learnt in case your chakra is overloaded? Nicely, the chakra signifies the wellbeing of the particular person so you are able to do the reverse and decide the state of your chakra by inspecting your wellbeing. Listed here are a couple of that concentrate on the psychological points that may be associated to an overloaded chakra:

  • Overloaded Root Chakra – Obsession with cash, safety, and possessions, problem with being beneficiant, worry of change and robust dependence on routines, workaholism, hoarding, and having strict private boundaries that intrude with being open to others.
  • Overloaded Sacral Chakra – Excessive temper swings, being overly delicate and overreacting, addictions, emotional consuming, codependency, being dominated by your emotions.
  • Overloaded Photo voltaic Plexus Chakra – Anger points, management points, problem with compromise, obsession with successful, obsession with energy and standing, vanity, lack of sensitivity.
  • Overloaded Coronary heart Chakra – Continuously placing different folks’s wants earlier than your individual, codependency and clinginess in relationships, jealousy, self-neglect, feeling burnt out from all that you just give.
  • Overloaded Throat Chakra – Extreme speaking, speaking loudly, interrupting, problem listening to others, talking with out pondering, talking too bluntly
  • Overloaded Forehead Chakra – Having a tough time distinguishing goals from actual life, daydreaming, feeling disconnected from actuality, being an excessive amount of in your head, problem specializing in the current.
  • Overloaded Crown Chakra – Obsession with non secular or mental practices, getting caught up in ideas, a bent to over-intellectualize, shedding observe of time, feeling disconnected to the physique and ungrounded.

If you’re experiencing any of these points, you probably have an overloaded chakra. Keep in mind, life causes the chakras to exit of stability; it isn’t the fault of the chakra. Reiki is a really efficient approach for balancing the chakras and all vitality methods of the physique. Meditation, respiration workouts, yoga, affirmations, and firming the chakras are additionally useful instruments.

Typically, for overloaded chakras, an awesome treatment is cardio train to get the vitality transferring the place it must go and to help the physique to launch any unneeded vitality. Simply just remember to drink loads of water!


Source by Molly M Johnson

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