The Science of 16 Shringar


Since time immemorial, Indian brides-to-be have been taught the significance of ‘Photo voltaic Srringaar’. The sixteen items of decoration should not solely the symbols of a bride’s marital standing, however have deep rooted implications. Even the Indian mythology has some attention-grabbing cases. Keep in mind the episode within the epic Ramayana by sage Valmiki when Anusuya provides her ornaments to Sita and tells her married girl should at all times be adorned with Photo voltaic Shringaar! We additionally discover references to Shringaars within the epic poem Geet Govind by Jayadeva when Radha asks Lord Krishna to adorn her physique with jewelry, her hair with flowers, put a hindi on her brow and earrings on her ears when it’s time for her to go house. The items of Srringaar not solely serve the aim of gracing the lady however they’re necessary tokens of her social standing.

In style tradition would have us imagine that our heritage, our customs and rituals don’t have any logical base to them. Nevertheless, opposite to this, these rituals are a improvement of scientific examine and analysis. Indian sages and seers have been students of Astrology, Ayurveda and Astronomy. Their analysis offers us acceptable explanations behind the adornments.

There are solely sixteen gadgets of a bride’s beautification and never kind of. It’s as a result of the Solah Shringaar corresponds to the sixteen phases of the moon that are linked to a girl’s menstrual cycle. This has a unfavorable impact on a girl’s psychological and bodily wellness. Our historic sages believed that these results could possibly be nullified by carrying the sixteen gadgets of cosmetics and jewelry. There are scientific causes behind every factor of Shringaar which boosts a bride’s magnificence. The explanations help make her more proficient at her wifely duties.

Shringaars that add colors

Sindoor is a very powerful factor of the Solah Shringaars. It symbolises not solely the start of a girl’s marriage but in addition the graduation of her sexual life. It’s utilized within the center parting line of the brides hair the place lies the brahmarandra aperture which is a girl’s level of stability. The mercury current in sindoor helps in cooling down the bride. After marriage the free spirited lady transforms into a girl and has to shoulder the tasks which might devitalise her. The sindoor is essential for a bride as it would assist her in sustaining her serenity and peace.

A bindi, worn on the brow between the eyebrows pretties up the bride immediately and makes her truthful options much more attractive. The bindi not solely accentuates her options however prompts a girl’s Ajna Chakra or the brow chakra by the stress which is utilized by the burden of the bindi. Ajna, translating to ‘commando’ is believed to be the attention of instinct. This chakra acts as a gateway for all of the non secular vitality coming from the setting. It additionally protects the chakra from the encircling unfavorable vitality. The bride is anticipated to carry out her duties proficiently for which her Ajna Chakra have to be correctly activated to let her keep her psychological stability in her new home and take up the brand new energies.

Mehendi, essentially the most primary element of the Solah Shringaar, not solely lends color to the arms and ft of the bride, however has medicinal properties too. Weddings are critical enterprise in India and may get very cumbersome. Subsequently on the evening earlier than the marriage, mehendi or Henna is utilized on arms and feet- house to our physique’s nerve endings, to destress and relieve them. Additionally, mehendi heals the minor cuts and bruises the bride may need sustained through the preparations.

Kohl, used because the occasions of Greek queen Cleopatra not solely makes a bride’s eyes look expressive and harmless however it’s believed to purify the eyes from the pollution. It additionally protects the eyes from the solar’s dangerous rays. Weddings are likely to get exhausting for the bride since many preparations are concerned which takes months.

Hindu brides put on attire having colors like crimson, maroon and pink on their wedding ceremony day as a result of these colors signify fertility and fervour. Pink and orange are related to the rising solar, which connotes the start of a brand new life for the bride. Additionally in Hindu custom, the planet Mars which is reddish in color is linked with marriage and therefore these colors are most well-liked by Hindu brides. These colors fill the bride with vitality and fireplace that’re necessary for her married life.

Shrigaars that add rhythm

Nath, not only a image of marriage, however has an Ayurvedic significance too. Having the nostril pierced on the left aspect is customary for the Indian brides for a great motive. The spot for the nostril pierce is linked to the reproductive organs of a girl. It’s stated to ease menstrual and labour pains. Not solely this, the piercing additionally contributes to the final reproductive well being of the bride thus making her fertile sufficient to procreate. The nostril pierce can be related to defending the nasal observe of the bride, thereby stopping her from any sort of an infection when she enters a brand new milieu. The fashionable model of nath is named the nostril stud/ring which is smaller than its older model and may be worn with any outfit.

The choodicur/chuda appears divine on a bride’s arms. Moreover being a mark of her siihaag, the choodian and paval support the bride in sustaining her vitality ranges all through the day. Her power, which will get consumed whereas doing the house-hold chores will get vibrated again to the physique by the sound waves produced by the choodian and papal. Additionally, a payal prevents irritation of foot soles and support basically blood circulation of the physique. Hindus additionally imagine that the crackling sound of the choodivan and papal helps beat back the unfavorable or evil vitality. The fashionable bride prefers to put on bracelets and anklets that are a lot sleeker and trendier.

Jewelry is essentially the most outstanding factor of a girl’s bridal apparel. They grace the bridal appear to be nothing else does. Ornaments fabricated from gold and silver, like mangalsutra, Kamarbandh, Bajubandh, Hurt: Karnphool, Maangteeka and Bichua and so on. are worn by the Indian brides. Gold is believed to have a scorching impact and silver has cooling properties on pores and skin thus serving to in sustaining physique temperature. These metals are utilized in abundance in a bride’s trousseau as they’ve most cancers averting properties. Emperor Akbar is believed to have gifted many items of distinctive navratan and kundari jewelry to his beloved Mumtaz Mahal.

Shringaars that add perfume

Gajra is a bunch or a string of flowers, normally fabricated from jasmine, which is worn by the bride in her hair for making her coiffure stand out. They not solely beautify her hair however their aroma lends a way of freshness and quietness to the bride on her wedding ceremony day when she is tense about leaving her dad and mom and going to her husband’s home.

Itra (fragrance) apart from making the bride odor heavenly, stimulates the bride’s senses. Itra fabricated from aromatic elements like rose and sandalwood lifts the bride’s spirits and moods on the day of her marriage. Scents set off the bride’s feelings and improve her temper on the day when she has to depart her dad and mom.

Significant adornment

On her wedding ceremony day, the bride is the centre of attraction and should look divine. Therefore the Solah Shringaars is of utmost significance for a bride. She is adorned from head to toe to seize her groom’s consideration ceaselessly and stop him from going astray. Not simply on their wedding ceremony day, girls put on all of the Solah Shringaars even on festivals like Karvachauth and Teej as a mark of affection for his or her husbands.

Nevertheless, the trendy brides have given a contemporary twist to the gadgets of Shringaar. For instance liquid Sindoor has changed the normal powdered one. The Gajra has been changed by numerous hair equipment like synthetic flowers and steel hair pins. These days as a substitute of Menendi which takes hours to use, brides go for Mehendi tattoos that are faster to use. The vermilion bindi has given solution to sticking ones having Kundan or Zircon stones on them that may be worn with each the normal and Indo-Western outfits.

Convey again the attraction

Indian brides, although not so typical anymore, however have not forgotten the importance of these things and are nonetheless rooted. Seems are God’s present however magnificence is what you’ll be able to purchase and photo voltaic shringar will allow you to obtain that.

So brides-to-be and all the opposite girls deliver out all of your tremendous jewelry and cosmetics from the confines of your lockers and flaunt them proudly, for now you understand how very helpful the Solah Shringaar is. Not solely will you profit your self, however make your husband go loopy about you by waking him up by the rhythmic sound of your choodian or papal and by asking him to brighten your hair parting with sindoor and your luscious hair with gajra. So adorn your self extra ‘meaningfully!’


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